Dentro – AI Development & AI Consulting

Successful AI integration for mid-sized companies

Navigate the rise of AI with a dedicated partner at your side who ensures your organisation stays on top of things. Together we will educate your teams, identify use cases and develop AI solutions that work.

Our offer to you

We are a team of business and technology experts, supporting companies on an ongoing basis with exploring and adopting artificial intelligence.

We transfer knowledge

We make sure your teams stay ahead of all things AI and have their questions answered.

We identify use cases

There’s potential application areas for AI in any company, and we will help you uncover them.

We develop solutions

We will help you automate your processes in a practical way. AI, custom code, or whatever else it takes.

Our process

We collaborate on a continuous basis and agree on a flexible monthly hour budget, typically 40-60 hours, depending on your specific needs. This allows us to promptly address the tasks and topics you find most crucial at any moment.

Initial call

In a first conversation we learn about your needs and answer your questions.

Custom offer

Based on what we have learned, we will draft a custom offer.

Kick-off call

We will commence our work with a in-depth kick-off session.

Monthly sprints

At least once in a month, we discuss and prioritize the next sprint’s tasks and topics. In between our calls, we stay connected via chat and email.

Your benefits

Your (external) AI department

Consider us an extension of your team, understanding your unique goals and putting AI into the right context.

Manage innovation proactively

Working with us means continuous innovation and automation. We make sure you don’t fall behind.

Risk-free budgeting

We help you keep your AI investment predictable and manageable. You have full control and can adjust quickly.


Dentro has provided us with excellent support and encouragement to make the potential of AI visible and tangible for the entire workforce. We are particularly impressed by the competent and pragmatic support in specific use cases. This creates tangible added value in everyday life and turns the otherwise rather abstract digitalisation into a concrete problem solver.

Hannes Beyer

Board Member (Chief Digital Officer)

Choice AG, Germany

Frequently Asked Questions

We are an innovative consulting and development company in the AI space. Our strengths lie in our broad market knowledge, a strong focus on fast and efficient solutions and our ability to align business goals with smart tech decisions. 

Dentro’s AI integration service is designed for businesses looking to explore and leverage the potential of AI. We offer relevant insights, practical solutions and continuous development tailored to individual business needs concerning AI innovation and automation.

While any business can benefit, we’ve identified a sweet spot with mid-sized firms, particularly those with around 50 to 250 staff. These companies often lack the resources to dive into AI headfirst but have the agility to innovate and scale with AI solutions.

We will agree on a hourly budget per month. Usually between 40 – 60 hours, but ultimately depending on your specific needs. We charge an hourly fee of 100 Euros (net). There’s no costs other than that and API costs were applicable.

With us, you stay flexible at all times. By agreeing on a monthly hourly budget, we can use the time for whatever is most pressing at the moment. The budget itself can be adjusted whenever necessary. In case you would like to discontinue our work relationship, you can do so with only one month of notice.

Working with Dentro means working directly with the founders. We value organisation, transparency and pro-active communication. We exclusively work remotely and can apart from that adapt to what works well for you and your team. 

Once you reach out to us, we will schedule an initial call to get to know each other and understand your needs. Based on this we will suggest a way forward that aligns with your business goals and provide a transparent estimation in terms of time and price. 

At Dentro, our strength is not just in our AI technical expertise but in blending it with real business sense. We don’t just provide a service; we become a partner, deeply understanding your operations, challenges, and goals over time, ensuring AI solutions are tailored and relevant.

Yes, we absolutely do! Our founders are originally from Austria and our company is registered in Estonia. We are a fully remote company though and can work with clients from anywhere in the world in German and English.


Dentro’s pragmatic approach and hands-on mentality helped us to integrate AI solutions precisely into individual business processes and to make the potential of artificial intelligence tangible throughout the company. We value our collaboration with Dentro as a valuable contribution to the technological development of our company.

Dr. Ferdinand Denzinger

Head of Executive Office

Choice AG, Germany

Typical focus areas

Adoption of AI in a company can have many facettes.

Here’s a few examples of what we can help with.

Adoption of AI in a company can have many facettes. Here’s a few examples of what we can help with.

Team workshops

In both one-to-many calls as well as interactive in small groups, we transfer relevant skills and knowhow into your company.

Use-case identification

Together with your employees, we actively look for AI use cases and evaluate their feasibility.

Industry updates

We are on top of things and will make sure you are always in the know as well as have all your questions answered.

Your CompanyGPT

Want to use ChatGPT and other AI software safely within your company? We got you with our ready-made solutions.

Process automation

We will automate your processes one by one with a combination of AI and custom code. Exactly how you need it.

Vendor & tool selection

Oftentimes it’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we can help you find excisting solutions to your challenges.