Dentro – AI Development & AI Consulting

We are fast and efficient in finding the AI services that work best.

AI integration and adoption as an ongoing service

Navigate the rise of AI with a dedicated partner at your side who ensures your organisation stays on top of things. This is especially suitable for mid-sized firms that are eager to gradually adopt AI within the company. In this process we mainly concentrate on educating your teams and developing dedicated AI solutions for real-life use cases.

Custom AI application development

Besides ongoing support we are also available to work on one-off AI projects. In this regard we usually concentrate on the prototyping phase. This is for you if have an idea for an AI product or a use case within your organisation you’d like to explore. We will look at it from all angels and provide you with a working first version as well as a written report that outlines all aspects of its technical feasibility.

Consulting and workshops on AI related topics

We are available for both one-off and on-going consulting projects in the field of AI. In addition to that, we have a range of different workshops and presentations which provide insights into various AI related topics. If this is of interest to you, please inquire with us directly and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.