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To cater to the need of European companies to use the latest LLMs in a data secure way, we have build a web application that works like ChatGPT Plus, but without compromising sensitive data.

Web application




Work with files

Upload files, ask questions about them, and change them. Or create completely new ones.

Image generation

Create and refine images based on text prompts. Powered by OpenAI’s Dalle3.

Coding capabilities

Generate or edit custom code in any programming language in a preformated styling.

Access the internet

CompanyGPT can access the internet to do research as well as visit and analyze individual URLs.

Powered by GPT-4

The magic of the world’s most powerful large language model by OpenAI.


Useable across all devices and perfectly responsive on web, tablet or mobile screens.

Custom login

Login functionalities can be changed to whatever your organisation uses at the moment. 

Usage control

By using APIs to different services, you have full cost control about how many tokens will be used.


CompanyGPT comes with standard analytics capabilities which can be extended if needed.

Own domain

Provide us with any domain, e.g., and we take care of the rest.

Make it your own

CompanyGPT is built in a flexible way. No matter if user interface, authentication or underlying APIs/LLMs, we are able to customize it to your exact needs.

The technical side

CompanyGPT integrates Langchain Agent, utilizing the OpenAI Assistants API and GPT-4 API for advanced language understanding. The system incorporates Dalle3 for visual content generation, alongside tools for search engine queries and website access. Security is ensured through Microsoft SSO, and the user interface is developed using Streamlit for straightforward interaction. The entire application is self-deployed on our DigitalOcean Server, emphasizing reliability and self-sufficiency in operation.