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Lead generation with AI

We have built a software that lets you search the web for targeted lead information. Combining web crawling and LLMs, it allows for targeting pretty much any information that’s needed.

Business software


Web crawling

Define your lead search criteria

Select what type of organisations and information you are looking for. The current version takes a geographic location and an industry. Potentially this can be anything though.

AI generates relevant search terms

The AI analyzes the search request and generates a list of relevant search terms. 

United Kingdom

Digital Marketing Services

Infos required: 
Company name, email address

AI generated search terms:
Digital Agency London
Marketing Agency London
Web Agency London
Marketing Services London
Digital Agency Manchester
Marketing Agency Manchester
Web Agency Manchester
Marketing Services Manchester
Digital Agency Birmingham
Marketing Agency Birmingham

Web crawling for search results

All search terms are visited after each other and search results are stored. Adjusted for duplicates.

Results testing and retrieval

Results are tested by the AI as to whether they fit the search criteria or not. Relevant data is being retrieved from those that do and stored in a csv-formatted file.


The solution allows for lots of potential custimization options regarding information required.


By using a clever method to filter through the noise, our solution is able to keep cost low. 

Data security

The application uses exclusively  information that is publicly available on the internet.

The technical side

The AI Lead Generation project utilizes Google Places for website discovery, then extracts content through simple requests or playwright headless browser. It trims the site’s content, keeping only crucial sections. This concise content is analyzed by OpenAI’s GPT-4 model to identify branch relevance, contact emails, and URLs, streamlining the lead generation process.